The Exercising WELL Program

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The Exercising WELL Coaching Membership Program™ combines the power of coaching with the convenience of online learning and exercise programs.  No more signing up for programs that just fizzle out once the excitement of starting a new program wears off.

Strengthen your exercise motivation:

  • Build confidence you can keep yourself motivated by learning the research backed approaches to exercise motivation that are rarely used in popular programs
  • Apply the power of mindfulness to make exercise time more effective AND more motivating
  • Learn how to use the two factors for motivation that let you take charge of your motivation and keep motivation from fading

Strengthen your exercise know-how:

  • Learn how to listen to your body so you know the right way to exercise for the body you are in right now
  • Finally have a truly strong core by using it in the way it was designed to function best (without doing sit-ups or planks!)
  • Discover how to move with less strain and greater efficiency and ease in everyday activities
  • Design exercise to recharge your body and mind so you have more energy for what is most important to you

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: You start with a  kick-off coaching call with me, so I know you, what you want, and can guide you to get your Real Results from exercise. I will continue to coach you through personalized coaching emails every week. I am there each step of the way to guide you and help you get the most out of exercise.
  • Step 2: After the call I will enroll you in the Exercising WELL online membership program. Here you will have unlimited access to a growing list of courses. By starting with the Strong Foundations course, you will build both a foundation of strength in your body and your skills for self-motivation in a way that is built to last.  With this body/mind confidence, you can choose what you want to work on next – strength, stamina or mobility. As I add content, you gain more and more ways to use exercise to restore wellbeing and stay motivated.

Join now for $45 per month!

Get your individualized, science-based, simple approach to exercise that fits your body and your life now!

  • Kick off coaching call with Janet
  • Weekly personal email coaching with Janet
  • Easy to use content, delivered right to your email inbox in small doable doses
  • Unlimited access to all courses on the Exercising WELL website
  • A balanced approach that builds strength, stamina and mobility
  • Clear exercise videos to build confidence you know how to exercise right
  • Plenty of modifications to help you work around limitations in your body
  • A time efficient approach, so getting enough exercise takes less than 2% of your total time per week
  • Downloadable handouts and forms to create your own Exercising WELL Workbook
  • Unlimited access to a growing list of online content on the Exercising WELL site
  • Personalized support that is just an email away!