Health coaching is a unique tool that allows you to create your own definition of well-being and make it a reality.  As a coach, I assist you in clearly defining what well-being means to you, developing a plan to achieve it, and helping you stay focused as you work towards it. You discover your strengths, learn what works best for you, and implement solutions to the barriers that stand in the way of your well-being. Through it all, you gain confidence in your ability to work through the inevitable challenges and sustain changes beyond our time together.

How does coaching work?

Through in-person, phone, or video conference sessions, we work together for a set period of time to maximize progress toward your goal.  

  • Clarity:  Without a clear goal, the brain has a hard time staying focused and motivation fades.  We work together to create a very clear picture of what you really want. (For more on this topic, see this blog post.)
    For example, maybe you say to yourself, ‘I want to lose 25 pounds.’  If you think more about it, you might say, ‘When I am at a healthy weight, I will be able to join my family and friends in activities and I won’t miss out on the fun.’ That kind of clarity increases focus and motivation.
  • Planning:  We lay out specific steps to achieving your goal that make sense for you and your life and that are connected to your desire to get back to the activities you enjoy.  Combined with a clear vision, having a plan is energizing and taps into natural motivation.  (For more on this topic, see this blog post.)
    For example,
     if one of the action steps is to ‘exercise more,’ we discuss what that means for you and define a specific, achievable goal for each week.  The goal for week one might be to walk around your office building one time before getting into your car or going to the bus stop.  
  • Accountability and Support:  Each week, we connect for about 30 minutes to discuss the learning from the past week and set goals for the week ahead. Utilizing the science of motivation and change, together we keep you not only moving toward your goals but learning from your challenges and developing skills for keeping yourself on track. Between sessions, we use email and text to provide support and solve problems. I also provide personalized resources such as video clips, pictures, and handouts, so you can learn how to exercise and move safely and effectively.
    For example, you might realize after a couple of weeks that you don’t feel safe walking around your office building after dark. We talk about other ways to incorporate movement that keep you feeling safe and making progress towards your goal.

“You ask questions to make me think, to move me forward, to help me articulate what I really want. You hold up a mirror, reflecting what I am saying so I can hear myself. To be listened to has incredible value, because sometimes I don’t even listen to myself. Thank you for guiding me through when I was stuck. I feel great.”  Susan H.


  • Well-being Vision session:  Tired of the roller-coaster of change? Clarifying what you really want unleashes your natural motivation for sustaining healthy habits. This session uses an energizing, inspiring, yet fun approach that is well-established for uncovering sources of lasting motivation. Together, we get to the heart of why you are making changes and use that to propel you forward. This becomes a guide for all of your choices, keeping you on track and confident. $100. (Included in the 3-session and 12-session packages below.)
  • 3 weekly sessions:  Establish a foundation of sustainable motivation by clarifying what you want, creating a plan, and setting goals. Also use this package if you are looking for assistance with starting or fine-tuning your exercise plan (for example, if you need to modify your routine due to injury).  Includes customized exercise handouts to support your program. $250
  • 12 weekly sessions:  Three months is an ideal time to learn skills for sustaining motivation and learning how to deal with your specific challenges. Over the course of these sessions, you use the power of your vision of well-being to create a plan, then set and learn from weekly goals. $900
  • 6 monthly sessions:  After using one of the above packages, this package keeps us in touch on a regular basis to ensure continued learning and success.  $450
  • Custom:  I honor that you have individual needs and preferences; together we can create a package that works best for you. 

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