Unleash Your Superpower of Calm

Stress can derail our efforts to be healthy and well, while a calm state maximizes our focus, creativity, healing, and motivation.  That’s why calm is a superpower!

This series provides science-based information about how our mind and body can work together to restore a calm state AND it gives you the tools to put that knowledge into action to unleash calm in your own life! The program is designed to meet you where you are, even in a busy life, enhancing well-being in the midst of life. 

The series includes:

  • Five online videos that cover
    • why stress is a barrier to being well
    • how to treat the mind’s and body’s response to stress
    • how to move from Alarm Mode to Recharge Mode, where we can stay well while handling the challenges of life
    • information from a wide range of mind and body sciences streamlined into only 110 minutes of interactive learning
  • An e-workbook: Over fifty pages designed so you come away with easily-accessible information about what takes you away from calm and what promotes a calm state for you. Worksheets are included as a way to capture what you learn in the videos and explore how it works in your own life, even after you complete the series.
  • Power Pauses™: Pausing is a way of applying mindfulness in daily life; adding movement to mindful pauses makes them Power Pauses™.  You will receive a printable collection of the Power Pauses™ that are part of each session.
  • Bonus: Power Pauses™ Video Download: Instructional video with the fifteen Power Pauses™ contained in the workshop so you can continue to practice after you complete the series.

This workshop is specifically designed to be done in the midst of life because that’s where you’ll get the most benefit from the information and worksheets. The five sessions are brief and can be further broken down into 10-minute segments so that you can watch them multiple times during the 30-day rental period.  (See the FAQs for more information.)

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“The balloon analogy was perfect! Makes SO much sense and was a very clear example to show how little & big stressors can cause the body to reach “pop” mode and how mindful movement (active rest) is the way to “release” the pressure!! Passive rest just pushes the air around!!”