Well-being Vision session

Whether as a standalone session or an accompaniment to the online video workshop, Unleash Your Superpower of Calm, a Well-being Vision session help you clarify what you really want and unleash your natural motivation for sustaining healthy habits. This session uses an energizing, inspiring, yet fun approach that is well-established for uncovering sources of lasting motivation. Together, we get to the heart of why you are making changes and use that to propel you forward. This becomes a guide for all of your choices, keeping you on track and confident. $100.

“You ask questions to make me think, to move me forward, to help me articulate what I really want. You hold up a mirror, reflecting what I am saying so I can hear myself. To be listened to has incredible value, because sometimes I don’t even listen to myself. Thank you for guiding me through when I was stuck. I feel great.”  Susan H.

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