What participants are saying…

“I knew about the benefits of exercise and stress management but had never seen them so seamlessly connected before.”

“I love the reminder that mindful movement is free, effective, and doesn’t take long.”

“The balloon analogy was perfect! Makes SO much sense and was a very clear example to show how little & big stressors can cause the body to reach “pop” mode and how mindful movement (active rest) is the way to “release” the pressure!! Passive rest just pushes the air around!!”

“It’s so important to bust the myths surrounding exercise and this session did that beautifully.”

“I love the concept of “body as a resource”, and movement for calming the mind-body.”

“Unleashing the Power of Calm proved to be a very enjoyable experience. The program is incredibly well researched, and beautifully organized in its format and presentation.”

“By immersing yourself in this program’s diverse and engaging material, accompanied by exploration of the mnemonic devices offered, one can truly learn to use their body as a resource and pathway to gain information about the mind-body connection, along with the very reliable information which it can provide toward restoring well-being…”

“Janet’s practical advice and calm delivery make the content of this video series easy to remember and hard to ignore. She has made the abstract concept of mindfulness, simple to understand and unintimidating to practice. Her gentle, non-threatening approach turns mindfulness into a “gift” she is presenting to the viewer, and one we can give to ourselves every day — without judgment. If you’re looking for permission to take care of yourself and a way to reduce stress, increase productivity, and just “be well,” here it is!”

 “This info was completely “relatable” having suffered from physiological effects of “Alarm Mode” – never realized or understood that all of the worry, anxiety, stress were my body’s instinctual response to that attempted balance of challenges and resources. SUCH good information!!!”